Windows 11 Insider Preview Comes with Acrylic Context Menus and Fresh Widgets

On July 18, Microsoft released its Insider Preview build 22000.72 for Windows 11 to the Dev channel. It appears that Microsoft will be offering a range of new features through the Windows Insider Program. Moreover, it seems that only a few new features will be there, with the exceptions being Android app support and the Teams integration. Both of these are going to be released in the future to the Dev channel.

Within the Windows 11 insider preview, there are some minor changes. Inside it, there is a new entertainment widget that one can put in the widgets section.

New Capabilities with Windows 11 Insider Preview

The users will be able to select a movie from the entertainment widget section and get redirected to the Microsoft Store. However, no streaming boxes support the platform of Microsoft at present unless the users have Xbox. Therefore, there is less excitement to buy these on the PC and to watch it on the TV.

A new change is made related to the context menu, and it will now make utilization of acrylic material. In addition to this, previews in the taskbar will finally be updated with the Windows 11 new look. It means that previews will have rounded corners compared to the older and flatter ones. This is all that is latest and new in the build. It seems like, again, Microsoft is back with is the standard method of offering Windows Insider Previews without having anything interesting within them. However, it is quite useful for the build stability. Some bug fixes have also been made along with this update.

For updating the PC or computer, one can become part of the Dev channel and can obtain the Windows 11 Insider Preview through Windows update. In case the users want to use Windows 10 based computers in Windows 11, then they have to go to the settings. After that, they need to go to update & security, and then the option of Windows Insider Program will be there. After selecting it, the Windows Insider Program will get started.

All these come after the rollout of Windows 11 and the launch of the Dev channel Insider preview. Microsoft will reveal that it would offer users a free upgrade to Windows 11 who already have Windows 10 running on their devices. The official release is soon to be declared, and the only way to get the Windows 11 build is through the Dev channel.

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