WhatsApp Launches Disappearing Messages Feature for iOS Beta Users

Several months after testing the advanced feature, the messaging app WhatsApp has launched the disappearing messages feature, naming it as ‘view once’ only to the iOS beta users. This new feature is the same as the snaps on Snapchat. As per Mashable, the attached videos or images will disappear once viewed, which will be heavily beneficial and useful for confidential chats related to business. The users who want to discover whether the feature is available or not should look for the pop-up when they send a clip or an image.

Reportedly, the users will be able to see a ‘1’ icon in blue-and-white color in the caption text box area. The new disappearing feature has already been rolled out to the beta testers of WhatsApp on Android. According to the reports of WABetaInfo, the new messages will disappear automatically from the user’s device and also from the recipient’s device after they view it. A text reading ‘opened’ will appear after the deletion. More details such as the time of message delivery and seen would be available in the Message Info option. In addition, the setting will not at all affect the message received or sent prior to the activation.

The new disappearing feature works not just for text, but it also works for media files, including audio, videos, photos, and many more. WhatsApp’s disappearing feature is similar to Instagram’s disappearing feature. On Instagram, the feature is popular with the name ‘view once feature’. The difference between both the features is that one can only view the received or send a message once on Instagram, whereas the disappearing feature of WhatsApp allows deletion automatically. The messages in WhatsApp will disappear after seven days in this feature.

Drawbacks of the Disappearing Messages Feature

WABetaInfo has reported that the new feature has certain drawbacks. For instance, the recipient can take a screenshot to keep the image beyond auto-deletion. Moreover, even if the users have disabled the read receipts, the sender can know whether the recipient has viewed the message or not. The blocked contacts will be able to view the single-use attachments if they are present in a standard group.

WhatsApp has encouraged people to proceed with the feature with caution. The new feature is rolling out to the beta users of iOS, and currently, no information is provided about the rolling out of the feature all across the globe. WhatsApp has also not mentioned a rollout to desktop.

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