Welcome the OnePlus ‘Pro’ Earbuds Try It Pre-Launch by Registering For It

OnePlus has been a popular name since its launch. And the brand is trying its best to stay ahead in the competition within the smart devices market. Continuing the pursuit of meeting the customer demands, OnePlus is back again with its ‘Pro’ earbuds.


OnePlus is calling this new product with two names, Buds Pro Edition and OnePlus Buds Pro. They will eventually finalize on one name before the launch! OnePlus has made an announcement lately, upon their ongoing work for the new ‘Pro’ version of the earbuds, which will be the successor of OnePlus Buds Z and OnePlus Buds, launched last year. 


The brand has not put up any launch or release date for the OnePlus Buds Pro, but they have teased about giving these buds to few lucky testers. The individuals who are interested in the same must apply as early as possible, by 17th July. 


OnePlus has not released any more technical or internal information about the new Pro version of the buds. But, as per the competition in the market, it is believable that OnePlus is trying to make its offering parallel to that of Apple’s Airpods Pro. OnePlus might try to tackle the loopholes in Airpods and introduce better buds that settle in the ear canal more prominently. 


The announcement didn’t have any dates, but it is evident that OnePlus is going to release it soon. As the last date of applying to be the tester is 17th July, there are chances of release within this month. The name of the reviewers will be announced on 21st July, and the devices will then be shipped to them immediately on the next day. 


OnePlus also teased that the reviewers will get the device around the official launch date. It means that there is a confirmed chance that OnePlus lovers will get to see the Pro buds by the end of this month. Along with the Pro buds, OnePlus is also about to launch Nord 2 on 22nd July. And there is a great possibility that OnePlus might surprise the customers with two new products launched on the same date. 


Customers did put up complaints about lack of quality in Bluetooth connectivity, which they expect must have rectified in the new Pro buds. The reviewers are requested to write their reviews to the brand within seven days of receiving the product. And as per the sources, OnePlus is mostly handing over only 10 testing devices. So, let’s wait for the next update from the brand!  

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