Speed Test can Show whether Android phones can stream 4K videos

Speedtest is quite popular among users for measuring the speed of internet connections. It works well on all devices allows users to keep a tab on their internet speed. A few months back, Speedtest rolled out a video stream test for iOS devices that enables the users to effectively measure the streaming experience of video on any Wi-Fi network. It lets the users determine whether they can stream videos on the available cellular or Wi-Fi connection. However, a drawback of the stream test was that it was only limited to users having an iOS device.

The good news is that the company is now rolling out the video streaming test feature for Android users too. On Monday, Ookla made an announcement of expanding the streaming tests for the Android apps. The Android users will be able to access this latest feature of Speedtest by updating the Speedtest app and getting the latest version on their Android device. After updating the app, the user will see a video tab at the bottom. Clicking on the video tab will enable the users to start the test.


How the Video Stream Test of Speedtest works?

The test is quite simple and can be done in much less time. The test begins with an adaptive bitrate test. Then a number of short videos start playing at increasing resolutions. The procedure is meant to measure the video experience that the users can expect on the device. The test stops once the videos reach the resolution of 4k. The core aim of the video stream test is to determine the network quality. The test will function effectively even if the mobile devices of the users are not capable of streaming high-resolution videos. 

Once the video stream test ends, the user can see the maximum resolution that their internet connection is capable of handling. It also shows different stats such as buffering and loading time.

The latest test of Speedtest allows the users to quickly find out whether their internet connection is able to provide a high-quality video streaming experience or not. The video test provides the users with an easy-to-understand benchmark and a practical approach to determine the internet quality. The test may also assist the users in finding out the connectivity issues with their ISP.  

Earlier, Speedtest also added new and detailed coverage maps to benefit the network operators worldwide.

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