Samsung Entered the World of TV + Web Streaming Service

Samsung didn’t make a buzz about it, but it silently released its web version of the Smart TV Plus streaming service. It is for linear and live programming and also consists of Chromecast support with respective devices.

This streaming product by Samsung was earlier available only with the mobile devices and TV of Samsung. But now, it is available as a web service to the people. Among all the streaming channels and service providers, Samsung has teased a new and optimal player in this war. The fanfare was not that loud for this rollout, but it will eventually gain a reputation among people.

Samsung did not give any comments about this launch to the media when the brand was approached on Friday. But one of the spokespeople of Samsung confirmed the launch of this web version of the streaming product. The Samsung TV Plus has been in action for the past few years and was available only for the smart TVs manufactured after 2016.

But this decision of rolling out the web streaming service by removing the limitations is a direct competition with other ad-supporting streaming service providers such as Roku Channel, Peacock, and others. Samsung intends to bring its TV Plus services to a large audience. The choices are great over it, and it is free, which attracts the attention of most people. However, people do have to sit through the selected ads to enjoy the free version.

But, if Samsung intends to compete with the other providers within the linear streaming space, then it is definitely too late to make a move. People are already acquainted with the other service providers and their streaming offers, which will prevent them from turning around to Samsung’s web streaming service. The people who are or were using Samsung devices or TVs might see potential in this new venture and show support.

But, to reach out to a larger audience, which is the sole motive of Samsung, they need strong marketing and quality presentation. So, let’s hope that Samsung puts up quality upfront and justifies this late stepping into the world of linear streaming.

There is no more update on the web streaming service by Samsung for now, as the spokespersons are also somehow restricted from delivering their information. So, stay tuned to know more about it as soon as the information floods out from the creators or brand executives to the media.

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