REvil: Ransomware Gang websites disappeared from the Internet

REvil, one of the most notorious ransomware gangs, has suddenly vanished from the Internet. The Russia-linked gang had been involved in numerous online attacks, and it had affected several businesses in the past. Recently, the group had demanded a substantial bitcoin ransom for an online attack involving IT Company Kaseya. According to Monitors, a blog and a payment website run by the gang suddenly became unreachable. The exact reason for such an abrupt disappearance of the REvil gang is not yet known. However, the disappearance has occurred during a time when there is high pressure between Russia and the U.S. to tackle cybercrimes.

Ongoing speculation regarding the disappearance of REvil

The sudden disappearance of the ransomware gang has given rise to numerous speculations. As the disappearance took place on Tuesday, many believe that either officials from the U.S. or Russia are responsible. However, officials have not commented on the matter till now; Cyber experts have pointed out that such kinds of sudden disappearances of gangs are not entirely uncommon on the Internet. It is considered to be a major development in the cyber domain as numerous U.S. businesses were affected by ransomware attacks recently. FBI had accused REvil of being responsible for a ransomware attack on JBL, the globe’s largest meat processing entity.

A number of explanations have been made to explain the sudden disappearance of the gang. Firstly, it is possible that the gang might have decided to retire after making enough money or after feeling pressurized. Secondly, the U.S., its allies, or the Russian government might have taken the group offline.

REvil – A major threat in the cyber gang

REvil has been considered as a prolific ransomware gang that has targeted numerous businesses across diverse industries. The group existed for many years in the cybercrime domain. Approximately 42 % of the recent ransomware attacks have been traced back to REvil. Earlier this month, the gang had hit approximately 1000 businesses by attacking Kaseya. World leaders were unable to tackle the cybercriminal group for a long time. So the sudden disappearance of the gang from the Internet came as a sigh of relief for many businesses and governments.

Many cyber experts are optimistic about the disappearance of REvil. But they are cautious about figuring out what exactly might have occurred. Senior Threat Analyst Allan Liska from Recorded Future security firm has stated that they are cautiously optimistic that the ransomware group is done for good.

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