Intel Documents Give Clues about Windows 11 Possible Release Date

Windows 11 preview has been out for around a month, and it may come to everyone’s devices by October 2021, as per the new support document released from Intel. A huge launch is expected in 2022, but the exact date on which it will be released is still ambiguous. However, it will most likely release in the first quarter of 2022. On June 24, Windows 11 got an official announcement, but the company did not mention the exact date when the Operating System will be available to the users and not just as a part of the Windows Insider Program.

More clues about the launch reveal that Windows 11 may get launched in October 2021, as per its current plan. The teasers which Microsoft posted show a new Intel release note. Furthermore, they also show product listing by Walmart, reflecting Windows 11 to be set out in October. It may possibly get launched in the third or fourth week of October 2021. Intel’s release notes of the DCH GPU driver have clearly referred to the Windows 11 release. In that, it was written as October 2021 update-version 21H2. The windows build is mostly labeled as YYMM, where the YY represents the year and MM represents the month of release.

Brandon LeBlanc, the program manager of Microsoft on Twitter, confirmed that Windows 11 is going to use the code-name yyH2 convention, which is familiar to users of Windows 10. The new hint has escalated the likelihood of the release of Windows 11 in October 2021.

Future of Windows 11 and Windows 10

In October 2021, the company is planning to launch some quality improvements with its Windows 10 version 21H2. This version is based on the Windows version named Vibranium, which powers version 21H1. Meanwhile, Windows 11 version 21H2 is based on the Windows version code-named Cobalt. Compared to Windows 10, Windows 11 will receive feature updates every year. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 will have new feature updates in every year’s second half, which means no big updates will be there in the year’s first half.

Windows 11 will have the next big update code, named 22H2, and it is going to debut in 2022’s second half. As per the support document, this information was found, but now it is no longer available on the website of the company. Microsoft is most likely to finalize the Windows11 feature updates in the upcoming times.

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