Apple releases MagSafe battery pack for just $ 99

Apple Inc. is in the news again for all the right reasons. The company has very discreetly released its official MagSafe battery pack, which customers can buy from its official website. The battery pack is available in only white color, and it comes with a smooth matte finish. It even has a lightning port that can be used for recharging purposes. According to the support page of the new item, the users can recharge the battery pack with up to 20 W of power. The MagSafe battery pack can be used for recharging an iPhone 12 at up to 15 W. However; this is possible only if a 20 W or higher power source is connected to the battery pack. The new battery pack is designed to recharge the iPhone at 5 W when it is off the grid.

Technical aspects of MagSafe battery pack

In the MagSafe battery pack, Apple has combined Qi wireless charging along with magnets. It has borrowed the name of the new product from its MacBook chargers. The introduction of the battery pack shows that the company has not adopted the typical industry-standard USB Type-C charger. Instead, the company has adopted a new approach to reinvent charging. This innovative technology has increased the popularity of iPhone accessories that can be connected to phones without the help of adhesives or clips. MagSafe is integrated into first-party as well as third-party cases, wallets, along with other kinds of charging accessories.

The MagSafe battery pack is designed to magnetically attach itself to the rear section of an iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max, or iPhone 12. Its exact dimensions have not been captured in the product page of Apple. However, its width is similar to the iPhone 12 Mini, which is 64.2 mm wide. According to a support article, the MagSafe battery pack needs iOS 14.7 or later versions to function.

Apple Inc. is not the very first company to sell its tiny portable battery that can attach to the iPhone 12 with the help of MagSafe. Other options from diverse brands such as Ewa and Waitee are available in the market as well. However, the Unique Selling Point of Apple’s MagSafe battery pack is a solid integration with the iOS. The product is not yet available with any third-party retailers. Interested customers can purchase MagSafe battery pack only from the official website of the company.

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