Apple May Ditch the Infamous Touch Bar in Future MacBook Pro Models

Apple is anticipated to release its new models of MacBook Pros later in 2021, and many speculations or rumors indicate that the controversial Touch Bar may be removed from the device. According to Mashable, the upcoming MacBook Pros are expected to feature a new generation of silicon processors of Apple and may introduce a shiny new design. However, one major surprise speculation is that the infamous Touch Bar will be replaced with an increased regular functional keys row. It is a change that is not essentially needed in the first place.

For jogging the memory, the Touch Bar was initially introduced to many MacBook Pro models in the year 2016. Touch Bar is an OLED touchscreen that is present just above the keyboard of the MacBook Pro. The dynamic control of it provides users shortcuts relevant to the content present on the most screen. It allows users quick access to many system-level shortcuts. It has remained controversial since the beginning and is a bit of an understatement. The Touch Bar is not universally hated like the butterfly keyboard, but everyone also does not seem to like it.

As per the Display Supply Chain Consultants, Apple has planned to remove the Touch Bar from all the upcoming MacBook Pro models. The Touch Bar will get removed even though it is the third-largest used OLED display. The DSSC via 9To5Mac explained that the Touch Bars are the #3 application with a unit share of 18 percent and revenue share of 1.2 percent in Q1’21.

The DSSC added that they expect Touch Bars to be introduced in tablets when the company begins the adoption of a 10.9-inch AMOLED iPad. Furthermore, the sources of DSSC suggest that Apple may cancel the usage of Touch Bar in the upcoming times.

Rumors about the upcoming models

Several rumors about the future lineup show that Apple may introduce a clear HDMI port, two USB-C ports, a USB-C/Thunderbolt port, and an SD card slot. It is not the first time when the rumors of Touch Bar getting removed completely are heard. Renowned Apple analysts Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo have also reported similar predictions. Several media outlets also reflect that the Touch Bar will be thrown away. In addition, Apple could bring the MagSafe back while introducing the upcoming screen technology in the new MacBook Pro models. The powerful version of Apple’s M1 chip can also be expected in the new devices.

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