Two Wimbledon Matches are Under Match-fixing Suspicion

A minimum of two matches that happened at Wimbledon 2021 is under investigation for match-fixing, which followed irregular betting patterns. According to Die Welt, they have gotten information of some possible manipulations at the Grand Slam tournaments, including one in doubles and one in singles. It is also seen that many betting companies have reported those matches as an array of abnormal bets. However, the details of the exact bets are ambiguous at present.

The initial suspicious match is the first round of a men’s doubles. In the doubles match, many betting firms were alarmed that the most favored pair may get defeated in the game as there were high live bets. The duo won the first set, which raised the odds of their defeat but soon, they lost the rest of the sets. Both the number of amounts placed and the timing of the bet indicate irregularities.

Not only this match but also another match is under investigation. The match is a singles match first round involving a German player. However, it is the opponent of the German player who has triggered match-fixing suspicion. In addition, it is said that around a five-digit sum was put in bet for the exact result in the second set ending.  There were also bets on the number of service games in the match, and both of the bets were true, and those bets won.

ITIA Launching Investigations

The International Tennis Integrity Agency or ITIA is working on launching investigations into the events of potential match-fixing. When ITIA was questioned about the match-fixing incidents at Wimbledon, they said that they could not comment on any particular cases for operational reasons. However, they do have the information on both matches. The cases are still not made public as the investigation has not been completed yet.

ITIA also said that they had obtained around 11 match alerts between the month of April and June in 2021 through its confidential MOU with the betting industry. Two matches out of these took place at ATP 250 events, and nine rest matches happened on the ITF circuit. Previously, ITIA confirmed that Franco Feitt, the Argentinian tennis player, had done match-fixing and now has been banned for life. Feitt is permanently banned from attending or playing any tennis event as he admitted to doing match-fixing in several games between 2014 and 2018. Moreover, he has to give a fine of $25,000.

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