Solar Storm Approaching Towards Earth Can Affect Mobile Phones, GPS Signals

A powerful solar stream or solar winds of charged particles from the Sun is heading towards the Earth. It is expected to reach at any time between July 11 and July 12, according to the report by The stream will contain highly charged particles that can potentially trigger a small solar storm in the magnetosphere of Earth. The magnetosphere is the space region of the Earth’s magnetic field, and a solar storm in space could affect the mobile phones and GPS signals, warned by the Space Weather forecasters.

Nickola J Fox, the Director of Heliophysics Science Division at NASA, has said that as the wind approaches Earth, the wind carries the magnetic field of the Sun. The wind will move at a faster rate and will smack directly into the magnetic field of the Earth. She added that the blow will cause a shock to the magnetic protection of the Earth and can lead to turbulence.

Solar winds are the plasma or charged particles streams that erupt from the Sun and spreads out in space. The superior speed stream is the consequence of a hole in the atmosphere of the Sun, and this is spewing a solar wind stream in the direction of Earth. NASA has estimated that the speed of these winds will be around one million miles per hour. However, these winds have the potential to go at a much faster speed. Such events of space weather disrupt satellite operations and impact radio communications. These events can also lead to power outages., in a post on their website, cautioned that a high-speed solar wind stream is expected to hit the magnetic field of the Earth. The wind will flow from an equatorial hole in the atmosphere of the Sun and could speed up to 500 kilometers per second.

Full-fledged geomagnetic storms are quite unlikely. However, lesser geomagnetic unrest may spark high latitude auroras. There will be a beautiful view of celestial lighting due to the solar storm that the people living at the South Pole or the North Pole can see. The people living near the latitudes of these areas can also expect to witness the fascinating celestial aurora at night.

Speed of 1.6 million and Effect

The powerful solar system heading towards the Earth will come at a speed of 1.6 million kilometers. As per the space agency of US NASA, the storm is moving at a speed of 1.6 million Km per Hour, and it may increase its speed. The agency also said that the satellite signals would get interrupted by it. According to, the storm which has erupted from the atmosphere of the Sun will have a major impact on the magnetic field of the Earth.

As per, solar storms will cause heating in the outer atmosphere of the Earth. This can impact the satellites and create interference with GPS navigation, satellite TV, and mobile phone signals. It can also make the current inside the power lines very high, which will lead to blowing transformers.

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