Cuba Witnesses Biggest Anti-government Protests

Thousands of citizens of Cuba came to the streets to show their dissatisfaction with the Communist government. The government is known to take strict action against its critics. However, without showing any fear, Cubans have joined the protests that have been going on for many decades. At present, Cuba is in the midst of a major economic crisis. The U.S. sanctions, along with the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, have affected the lives of the public. Due to the pandemic, the tourism sector of Cuba has tremendously suffered, and the livelihood of people has been affected. A protester named Alejandro complained about the island’s communist government stating that the people of Cuba had no food or medicine and even lacked freedom.

Reason for the unrest

Cubans have been agitated due to the collapse of the economy. The shortage of food and medicine has made matters worse for them. In such trying times, there have been price hikes that have further angered the public. The communist government has been highly inefficient in dealing with the ongoing pandemic. These factors have led to high dissatisfaction among Cubans as their day-to-day lives get affected.

Many protestors shouted ‘down with the dictatorship’ and ‘freedom’ while taking part in demonstrations across the island nation. During these protests, many protestors have called Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel to step down from the leadership position. The protests highlight the growing anger in the Cuban people towards the communist rule. Many believe the ongoing protests to be one of the biggest demonstrations to have taken place in almost three decades. Joe Biden, The U.S. President, has released a statement to extend his support to the protestors.

Government’s action to curtail the protests

The Cuban government has been taking stringent measures to curb the severity of the protests. The President of the island nation called out to his supporters to take a stand and fight the protesters. About a dozen of anti-government protestors have been arrested by security officials. Images that have been released on some social media channels show security forces detaining, beating, and even pepper-spraying some protesters.

Some reports indicate that the government has resorted to internet blackouts across the country to control the protests. The Cuban President has responded to the nationwide unrest by blaming the U.S. He called the rigid U.S. sanctions on Cuba a policy that could suffocate its economy. Further, he has stated that the protesters are the hired mercenaries by the U.S. who want to destabilize the nation.

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