Taliban Warns Turkey against the plans to run Kabul Airport

On Tuesday, the Taliban warns Turkey against the plan of keeping soldiers in Afghanistan to guard and run the main airport of Kabul after the foreign troop’s withdrawal. The Taliban called the strategy a reprehensible approach and gave Turkey the warning of being prepared to bear the consequences if they did not change the decision. Anakara, which made a proposal to guard and run the Kabul Airport after the withdrawal of NATO, is rumored to support the United States on political, financial, and logistical aspects.

In a statement, the terrorist group said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan criticizes the reprehensible decision. The Taliban added that in case the Turkish officers did not reconsider the decision and go ahead with the country’s occupation, the Islamic Emirate will counter them. Moreover, it added, those who will interfere are likely to bear the responsibilities of the consequences.

The foreign forces’ departure is the main reason for the increase in strength of the Taliban. They are now putting in force to surround cities and gradually gain the territories.

A senior leader said that the Taliban doesn’t want to fight against the government forces within the cities of Afghanistan. However, it wants them to surrender themselves. 

Hours after the message of Amir Khan Muttaqi, a blast happened at the Afghan capital’s center. In the blast, four civilians were killed and five injured.


Clashes Continue at Kandahar


As per the reports of a provincial council member, Attaullah Atta, clashes continue in Kandahar’s southern province. The Taliban have been pushed back after an attempt to enter the city prison forcefully. He also said that hundreds of families ran away from the violence.

In the last 24 hours clashes, eight deaths were reported, and over 30 people were run to the provincial hospital of Kandahar, the director, Mohammad Daoud Farhad, said. Most of them were civilians.

On Tuesday, the Afgan Security forces retreated from the Alingar district in the Laghman’s eastern district on anonymity condition, said an official of the local government. 

Earlier on Monday, the Taliban surrounded the Ghazni city and attacked it overnight, a local security official reported. However, the Afghan forces were successful in pushing back the Taliban.

The situation continues to deteriorate. In the midst of such a situation, France is one the latest countries that is urging its citizens to move to another place and leave Afghanistan.  

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