Taliban Flag Raised in Afghanistan Above the Border Crossing with Pakistan

The Taliban fighters have been reported of taking control over one of the important border crossings with Pakistan by replacing the flag of the Afghanistan government with their own. According to the Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid’s statement on July 14, the fighters have captured the main border town named Wesh.

Taking the border crossing’s control between Afghanistan town of Wesh and the Pakistani town of Chaman could be the major strategic objective. The Taliban is rapidly making gains as US forces withdrawing their forces from Afghanistan. The crossing which they have captured is the second busiest entry point and is the main connection between Pakistan ports and the vast southwest.

One of the Pakistani officials stated that the Taliban fighters have taken down the flag of Afghanistan from atop the Friendship Gate. The Afghan government asserted that they were in full control of the Spin Boldak border district present in the Kandahar province. However, the Pakistani officials said that the Taliban militants controlled the border posts of Wesh. A Pakistani security official who is deployed at the border region said Wesh has major importance for trading between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is also important for Afghans to trade with other countries. Also, Wesh is now captured by the Taliban.

Foreign Ministers’ Discussion

Amid the struggle of the Afghan government to gain control of its areas, the SCO or Shanghai Cooperation Organisation foreign ministers discussed the problem, which has major consequences on regional security. The meeting will be attended by Wang Yi of China, Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Indian external affairs minister S Jaishankar. Afghan foreign minister and representatives from Russia, the EU, and the US were also invited. This meeting will mainly focus on reducing the levels of violence.

Apart from the discussion about Afghanistan’s territorial security, the ministers will also be discussing the achievements of SCO and celebrate the 20th anniversary of its formation. Meanwhile, the Taliban have captured other important border crossings in Herat, Kunduz, and Farah provinces in the west and north. This is completely threatening regional security. Amrullah Saleh, the Afghanistan vice president, said on Twitter that the Taliban were also forcing small ethnic minority people to convert to Islam or else they will have to leave their homes in the Badakhshan northern province.

The advances of the Taliban have also created a serious concern for the rights of girls and women. These people are barred from going to school and have to do most of the work due to the group’s adaptation to Islamic law.

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