Christian Emannuel Sanon arrested as a Suspect in Haiti President’s murder

A Haitian man who was identified as Christian Emannuel Sanon was arrested on Sunday. He has been identified as a key suspect who was involved in the assassination of Jovenel Moïse, the 48-years old Haitian president. According to the national police chief, Sanon, a Florida-based physician, was plotting to gain power. When asked about the killing, the suspect stated that he was ‘sent by God’.

Moïse was killed in his own home when on July 7 by trained gunmen. The gunmen also shot his wife, who is critically injured. Currently, she is recovering in a Miami hospital. The incident has come as a major shock for many. The Haitian president became the victim of violent action even though he had numerous armed men to take care of his security.

Moïse took up the role of the president in the year 2017. Since then, many mass demonstrations had taken place in the nation because of its poor economic performance and corruption issues. Opposition leaders were critical of him as they identified his leadership style that was close to dictatorial. While serving as the president, Moïse attempted to amend the constitution to gain immunity from being prosecuted as president.

Background of Christian Emannuel Sanon

Sanon’s name was taken by many people who were in custody in connection with Moïse’s assassination. He is in his 60s, and he lives in Florida. Based on a YouTube video titled ‘Leadership for Haiti’ he has identified himself as a doctor.  In the video from 2011, he was seen openly criticizing the Haitian government. Furthermore, he had also accused the government of depriving the nation of its resources. In the video, he was seen talking about a new kind of leadership that could change the way of life of the Haitian nationals.

According to the New York Times, Sanon has been identified as the key figure involved in the assassination of Moïse by the Haitian police. The investigation has also shed light on a new angle. The Haitian Director-General of the Anti-Corruption Unit was handling a case in February which involved the purchase of a USD 4.25 million worth mansion by a Haitian Senator named Rony Célestin and his wife in Canada. Célestin was a close to Moïse. The case has generated a lot of criticism as it showed the gap between the rich and the poor. The investigation could highlight whether corruption had a role to play in the assassination or not.

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