Sydney May Extend Lockdown After One Death Caused By the Delta variant

As cases increase rapidly across Australia, the government of New South Wales on July 11 said that it might not lift the lockdown on July 16. The local government asked the public to go out only when there is an absolute necessity in order to discontinue the transmission chain of coronavirus. Australia has reported 112 new cases, which is the highest in 2021 for the country. The government of Australia is battling with the Delta variant outbreak way better than most of the developed nations and has comparatively low cases. The country has reported 31,000 Covid-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic and has 911 deaths so far.


However, the government of New South Wales’s strong response came after it reported its first Covid-19 death. Gladys Berejiklian, the New South Wales premier, said that the lockdown lifting on July 16 is unlikely. Berejiklian added that she would be shocked if the cases do not reach 100 by July 12. She said that they need to make the number as close as zero, and it is on them. Also, she said that majority of the cases of Covid-19 were the family members or friends of the already infected people. 


Following the report of July 11, it is likely that there might be a three-week extension of lockdown for the people in Sydney and its surrounding areas. The recent coronavirus outbreak in Sydney has contacted 566 people, out of which 52 are hospitalized. Of the hospitalized people, 15 are in intensive care, and five people require ventilation.


Delta Variant Outbreak Led to Fears Regarding Economy


The neighboring state Victoria has closed its border with the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales to break the chain of virus transmission. Victoria has not reported any case in the previous 11 days. The recent Delta variant outbreak and the lockdown have created fears regarding the economy. Shane Oliver, the AMP Capital chief economist, said that the closure of Sydney would cost the economy around 1 billion Australian dollars. Oliver also said that the lockdown might result in increased government lockdown assistance for the nation’s economy.


The outbreak also shows that the Australia-Singapore travel plans could be delayed somewhat up to the end of 2021. Dan Tehan, the trade minister of Australia, stated that the plan had been further pushed back due to the third coronavirus wave.


Vaccination drive


In Australia, the vaccination rollout has remained quite slow due to the changing medical advisories and supply constraints on the AstraZeneca vaccine. As per the health authorities, 11 people that are hospitalized in Sydney are below the age of 35 years, and most of the patients have not received a single shot of the vaccine. People who have exceeded 40 years of age and the people who have other health condition risks are given the vaccines. The people who might get exposed to coronavirus while working are only vaccinated in Australia. It has vaccinated the first dose to only 26 percent out of the total population.

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