Israel to give third Pfizer shot to people with Weak immune systems

Health Ministry of Israel has released a list for those who are eligible for the third shot now, aimed at paying emphasis on the recipients of heart, kidney, and lung transplants, and then with those with a weaker immune system, which includes cancer patients as well.

The ministry of health, Israel has issued a guideline on Monday to administer the third shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine that comprises of two doses to people having weaker immune systems, keeping the growing rate of infection in recent past, and evidencing the developing antibodies among these post couple of doses. A thorough list has been released by the ministry to administer the task.

Sheba Medical Center, in proximity to Tel Aviv, started giving the third shot of Pfizer vaccine to dozens of heart transplant recipients on Monday, exactly one hour post receiving a green signal from the Health Ministry. Moreover, Galia Rahav, the head of Infectious Disease and Laboratories at the Sheba Medical Center, has cited about the urgency of giving this third shot. Through a video statement, Galia Rahav has mentioned about the expansion of the Delta variant. According to the hospital, it would be conducting tests and tracking those who have received the third shot to do the research work.

Growing cases in Israel:

Noteworthy here is that Israel created a buzz around the globe through its massive vaccination drive during the very initial days of the vaccination drive. Moreover, 57 percent of the Israel population has been vaccinated. However, with the extremely infectious dental variant arriving, the rate of daily infection has witnessed a significant spike. In fact, a month ago, the total number of cases was in single digit, which has reached 452 cases in a day today. According to the health data of the health ministry, around 58 percent of the hospitalized Israeli patients have got the vaccines. The good news is that, as per the studies, vaccines are effective against the dangerous Delta variant.

In France, healthcare service providers have been giving an additional dose, i.e., the third dose of otherwise two-dose vaccine to those with weak immunity, since April. According to the studies of French researchers, in four weeks after the third dose, the number of organ transplant recipients had grown to 68%, which was 40 percent post-second dose. In the US, no intensive effort by the federal agencies or the manufacturers has been carried out yet to properly analyze the situation.

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