Fully Vaccinated Hospital Workers Tested Covid-19 Positive at Las Vegas

A total of 11 workers, out of which eight workers were fully vaccinated, have been tested Covid-19 positive after attending a Las Vegas pool party on June 7, reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Out of all the 11 people, at least ten people caught the superiorly contagious Delta variant of coronavirus, as per the Review-Journal citing emails from the local health district. The CEO of Sunrise Hospital, Todd Sklamberg, said that the people worked there and the source of such an outbreak was a Las Vegas off-site private party that was conducted on June 7.

He also said that the workers had certain symptoms which were similar to the common cold or allergies. Therefore, they opted for getting tested. The workers even self-isolated themselves and did not spread the deadliest coronavirus to anybody else. This was found in a preliminary investigation that was requested by the health district. Eight out of the eleven workers got two doses of vaccination, and out of the remaining three, one was unvaccinated, and two had got a single dose of a vaccine. However, it was unclear in the report that the workers received Covid-19 vaccines.

A representative for the local health district Stephanie Bethel said the investigation found out that the vaccines of Covid-19 provided to the health workers were properly stored as well as administered. She added that no single vaccine is completely effective, and some breakthrough infections were already expected.

Effectiveness of Vaccines

The UK’s real-world data indicated that the Pfizer vaccine was 33 percent effective in symptomatic illness happened by the Delta variant and showed 88 percent efficacy after taking two doses of vaccination. On May 1, the CDC stopped monitoring the cases among vaccinated people and only emphasized cases leading to hospitalization or death. The data of the CDC would not have collected the cases of the health workers of Las Vegas.

The severe surge of cases among vaccinated people is less common to witness in Nevada. The Southern Hills Hospital of Las Vegas’s Chief Medical Officer said that 80 percent of the patients having Covid-19 present there were unvaccinated. In the hospital, all the Covid-19 patients who were unvaccinated were in the intensive-care unit. An assistant epidemiology professor Brian Labus said that getting the vaccine is similar to wearing a seatbelt. Just because some died wearing a seat belt does not mean one should not be wearing it all. Both vaccines and seatbelts are there to give some sort of protection.

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