France makes Covid-19 vaccination compulsory for Health workers

According to Emmanuel Macron, the French President, the Covid-19 vaccine is going to be compulsory for the health workers. This is a part of the latest effort by France to address the spreading of a highly infectious variant, called the Delta variant.

Being worried regarding a powerful renaissance of this ongoing pandemic, the President has cited about the importance of vaccinating the entire population of France. According to the reports of Xinhua news agency, President Macron believes this is the only way available to get back to normal life.

While addressing on television, president Macron has announced that the vaccination drive is going to be mandatory for everyone who comes in contact with fragile people. As part of this effort, the healthcare workers, as well as the staff at nursing homes, will have to get vaccinated by September 15.

In June itself, France has managed to administer 167,524 vaccines every day on an average, which is significantly less in comparison to what was achieved in May. It is here to mention that 450,000 doses per day were administered in France, as per the report of the Public Health Agency. Specifically, the rate of vaccination remaining considerably low among the healthcare staff, as well as the health workers, has appeared as a major concern in France. The number of nursing home workers to get the vaccine is under 60 percent, and the number of hospital workers remains under 64 percent in France.

A peek into the vaccination drive in France   

To be specific, to date, around 35.79 million in France have received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 40.6%, i.e., 27.38 million, have received two doses. Moreover, the government of France is aiming at completely vaccinating 35 million people by the end of August.

Macron has emphasized about contemplating and realizing the importance of making vaccination compulsory for the whole France population. According to the President, vaccination is the explicit way available for safeguarding oneself and keeping others safe as well.

In France, only those who got both doses of vaccine, or those people with negative test reports, or those who have recovered from illnesses like flu are going to be permitted to visit the entertainment parks for attending concerts and events. From next month, health pass is going to be compulsory at the bars, cafes, shopping malls, hospitals, nursing homes, planes, and trains.

The Delta strain, which is said to be 60 percent more infectious, presently accounts for around 50% of fresh infection cases in France, rising from 20 percent on June 29. On Monday itself, France witnessed 1260 fresh cases, rising by 58 % from the past week.

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