FDA Warns of a Rare Neurological Risk with J&J Coronavirus Vaccine

The US regulators on July 12 gave a new warning to the Covid-19 vaccine of Johnson and Johnson about connection to a rare neurological reaction. However, they said it is not completely clear that the vaccine dose caused the problem. The FDA warned flagging the reports of Guillain Barre syndrome. The syndrome is a disorder in the immune system which causes weakness of muscles and even leads to paralysis. As per the Health officials, the side effect is a risk for the people who will get the vaccine dose.

The action comes after the CDC and FDA reviewed the reports of around 100 people who developed the syndrome after they received the first dose of the vaccine. FDA said that almost everyone was hospitalized, and among them, one person died. The syndrome occurs when the immune system of the body mistakenly attacks its nerve cells. This leads to weakness of muscles and paralysis. According to CDC, around 3,000- 6,000 people develop Guillain Barre syndrome each year.

The number of cases reported in relation to the vaccine of J&J is a tiny fraction out of the entire population who got the one-dose shot. The majority of the cases were reported in men and out of which most were above 50 years of age. The cases were reported just two weeks after vaccination.

Panel Views

Johnson and Johnson said that they were discussing the reports with health regulators and FDA. The CDC said that it would ask the panel of vaccine experts to review the problem in the upcoming meeting. The US government has stated that the vaccines mostly used in the US are from Moderna and Pfizer, which shows no risk of the disorder.

People getting the J&J shot will be given a pamphlet where the new warning will be mentioned. They should seek healthcare help if they experience any such symptom, including trouble walking, tingling sensations, and double vision, said FDA. Vaccines no doubt provide wide protection with just a small risk like any other drugs. The three Covid-19 vaccines used in the United States are tested on numerous people, but studies cannot rule out the rare side effects of vaccines.

Other Side Effects

The FDA and CDC have been monitoring the reports of the side effects submitted by patients. The J&J vaccine was highly awaited as its one dose can provide protection. However, it has been linked to another rare risk of blood clots.

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