COVID-19 Delta Variant Spread Surges in Los Angeles County

COVID-19 is the worst scenario for this entire world. And a new surge has just taken over the mantle of the previous one. Recently, the Delta variant of COVID-19 has started its massacre in Los Angeles County. The health authorities have raised the flag of high alert and are again raising requests to residents to use masks and sanitizers more frequently when in public places.

The Los Angeles County is home to around 10 million people and has experienced a 165% hike in COVID 19 cases since the last week. This figure is stated by the health department of the County on Thursday. As per the detailed calculations are concerned, the daily average infection rate stands at 3,5 cases for every 100,000 people. Last week, this count was 1.74 cases for every 100,000 people. The math is clear and evident!

Last week, the positive test result rate was 1.2%, whereas, in the present week, it is 2.5%. The delta variant is supposedly very quick in transmitting from one person to another, who are susceptible to be infected. The most vulnerable people at the point in time are the ones who have not taken the vaccination.

As the figures conclude, there are still around 4 million people within Los Angeles County who have not received the vaccination. And that huge number of unvaccinated audience is a big risk factor. As per the collected data of people who are fully vaccinated, the Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer vaccinations are well effective in fighting the new strain to the best of their potential.

Furthermore, as per the insight and metrics collected within the county, it is evident that vaccination is the ideal tool to prevent the transmission of this new variant of COVID 19. The Director of Public Health, Los Angeles County, Barbara Ferrer, said that closing the vaccination gaps is ideal for overcoming this pandemic around the hard-hit communities and among the essential workers.

WHO specified that, the Delta variant of COVID 19, is the fastest transmissible variant to date. And other statistics, as of the genomic surveillance of CDC, states that 73.3% of all the infections in the whole of Missouri is due to the delta variant. 39.7% and 29.6% of all the cases in Nevada and California, respectively, are due to this new variant. Immediate and effective measures are required in Los Angeles County to contain this spread!

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