Afghan Diplomats and Ambassador Have Been Withdrawn from Islamabad

On July 18, the Afghan foreign ministry had announced that it pulled its diplomats and ambassador from Islamabad after the daughter of the ambassador got kidnapped. Some unidentified assailants on July 16 captured Silsila Alikhil. She is the daughter of the Afghanistan ambassador to Pakistan named Najib Alikhil. She is reported to have several injuries and was severely tortured as per the foreign ministry of Afghanistan.

Authorities in Pakistan are investigating the incident. The foreign ministry said that the Government of Afghanistan has called its senior diplomats and the ambassador to return to Kabul until the security threats completely get eliminated. The Afghan Government assured to arrest and punishes the perpetrators. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan called the withdrawal extremely unfortunate and quite regrettable, as per Mansoor Ahmad Khan’s tweet. He is the ambassador of Pakistan to Afghanistan.

Khan added that the abduction and assault of the daughter of the Ambassador in Islamabad are under investigation and are followed up at the optimum level as per the instructions of the PM. He said that the security for the ambassador’s family and Afghani Embassy’s personnel in Pakistan had been beefed up.

Afghanistan ambassador met the Foreign Secretary on July 18, and the secretary highlighted the steps that were taken by the Government regarding this topic. He reassured the ambassador of full cooperation. Khan said that they hope the Afghan Government would reconsider the decision.

Pakistan’s Reaction to the Kidnapping

The interior minister of Pakistan said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had made the abduction a top priority and wants the perpetrators to be arrested within 48 hours. This incident came in Pakistan as the troops of the US from Afghanistan have reached their final stage of withdrawal. The mission will conclude in August, and Pakistan is one of the factors in making the peace process in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has always been credited for bringing the Taliban to peace talks which started in Qatar. However, all these discussions did not make any meaningful progress as Taliban gains have increased and raised concerns about the misconduct. In April, US President Joe Biden announced to withdraw all troops in Afghanistan by September 11, which later changed to August 31. It changed the withdrawal date even though the concerns were growing about the Afghanistan government’s fate. The Taliban has now made several gains in the region and is leaving questions about the long-term stability of the Afghan Government.

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