Bernie Ecclestone Criticized Lewis Hamilton for Max Verstappen Crash

F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton is in the news for his controversial victory in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The seven-time world champion got involved in the crash incident on the opening lap where the leader Max Verstappen smashed his Red Bull F1 car into a wall and got out of the car. Verstappen was immediately rushed to the hospital, and there he spent six hours prior to being released. Meanwhile, Hamilton was given a 10-second penalty. He went on in order to win the race and closed the gap in the race to eight points. It was Hamilton’s eighth win at the Silverstone track and his most controversial one.

The war of words between the British Mercedes driver and F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone reached another level when the former F1 supremo questioned the reigning huger of becoming champion. Ecclestone believes that Hamilton should be blamed for the crash that happened in the race on July 18.

Ecclestone Blamed Hamilton

Ecclestone said that Hamilton needs to be blamed. He added these incidents show that everyone is trying level best to win the championship. The reference of Ecclestone was to the contenders of the world championship who clashed on the opening lap at the Corpse corner with a speed of 180mph into the wall.

He also said that if the race stewards had involvement in this, they might have given Hamilton way more than just a 10-second penalty. The penalty should have been around 30 seconds. He added that the punishment was not fitting the crime. Ecclestone also explained that the British Mercedes driver was not in the front before the collision. It was not the corner for him to overtake. Hamilton was almost the length of a car away, and due to this reason, the British racer hit Verstappen at the back and not in the front.

The views of Ecclestone were supported by the father of Verstappen, Jos. The veteran has said that the British racer should have been disqualified. He said that it is unacceptable what Lewis Hamilton did. Max gave space to him and was in front of Hamilton. Hamilton cannot overtake the Corpse inside. He called the 10-second penalty quite ridiculous. Both Ecclestone and Verstappen’s father has the opinion that the organizers must have banned Lewis Hamilton from the race. At the same time, in the constructor’s standing, Mercedes are just three points behind the Red Bull after the win at Silverstone.

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